Dreamset - Versions History
23/02/2019 - ver 2.4.13
Added:Enigma2 (lamedb) Multistream Support.
22/10/2017 - ver 2.4.12
Fixed:E2, Numbered and Hidden Markers
Fixed:Import m3u, sometimes didn't work
Added:Delete satellites, new options added. When satellites and their services removed, Dreamset removes empty lists (lists without services or only with markers), also removes markers within lists that are no longer need it. Both options can be skipped by using corresponding check boxes at "Delete Satellites" dialog.
21/9/2017 - ver 2.4.11
Fixed:King Of Sat settings parser
Fixed:Other minor bug fixes
19/9/2017 - ver 2.4.10
Fixed:King Of Sat settings parser
Fixed:Stream properties, namespace value limit
30/9/2016 - ver 2.4.9
Added:Multistream support
Added:Transfer using SSL connection
Added:UI enhancements
Added:New signal bar
Added:Show Service reference (list, status bar, tooltip)
Added:Added also multiple chnage of Service's type, CAIds, provider
Added:Other improvements and fixes that I dont remember
Known IssueMay not run on Windows XP
24/12/2015 - ver 2.4.8
Added:Import A/V streams from m3u list, Right Click on Services panel (bellow Favorites panel) and choose 'Import Video/Audio stream (m3u)'
Added:Import unlinked bouquets, Right Click on Favorites panel and choose 'Import Enigma Bouquet(s)'
Added:On services tooltip, namespace value included.
Added:On services Shift+Ctrl+C copies namespace to clipboard.
Fixed:List sorting by hex values
24/10/2015 - ver 2.4.7
Fixed: Enigma DVB-T2 reading/writing settings
Update:Better parsing when Pasting #EXTINF lines from clipboard to dreamset
13/9/2015 - ver 2.4.6
Fixed:Enigma2, namespace on IPTV (DVB-TS)
Fixed:Enigma2, sometimes markers was converted to IPTV services
Fixed/Update:Import List from fav, lamedb, settings.xml
Fixed:Export List(s) (fav)
Update:IPTV Properties Dialog
Update:Pasting #EXTINF lines from clipboard to dreamset, handles unicode characters on stream name
28/10/2015 - ver 2.4.5
Update:Enigma2, reading/writing IPTV services format
10/5/2015 - ver 2.4.4
Added:WeRek Play support
Update:Dutch Translation (thanks Rob)
28/1/2015 - ver 2.4.3
Fixed:Reading/Writing settings (Neutrino/Neutrino HD)
Fixed:Other minor bugs
Added:Reading/writing special entries on enigma2 bouquets
Update:Polish translation ( thanks Mariusz1970 )
6/11/2014 - ver 2.4.2
Fixed:Stream services (Enigma2)
Added:Paste Stream Services from Clipboard ( Copy a text from a website that contains #EXTINF:... and URLs and Paste at List's Services panel)
3/11/2014 - ver 2.4.1
Fixed:Crash on load settings
Fixed:Crash on copy paste lists
26/10/2014 - ver 2.40
Added:Enigma2, reading and writing services CAIDs
Added:Enigma2, services without CAIDs or CAIDs with zeros are shown as free in Dreamset
Added:Enigma2, empty services supported in bouquets (fix for fastscan)
Added:Extra options when transfer settings to receiver, ignore satellites.xml (E2,neutrino) and ignore services.xml (Neutrino)
Added:Added: Neutrino, support for upcoming settings version API-3
Fixed:Read settings from receiver, ignore IE local cache.
Fixed:minor bug fixes
Fixed:Neutrino, cable settings
19/5/2013 - ver 2.39
Fixed:Stream services
Fixed:Sort services (affects auto markers on internet settings also)
Fixed:Picons on HD services
27/1/2013 - ver 2.38
Fixed:Stream services
Fixed:Switch on stream service (space bar key)
Fixed:Other minor issues
31/12/2012 - ver 2.37
Added:Organize List Page: Quick search, filters as you type services having as part of their names the text you type.
Added:Organize List Page: Support for Audio/Video Stream Services, option 'Insert Video/Audio Stream' added on services popup menu.
Added:Organize List Page: On services popup menu option 'Export as Text' added, export services as they appear in list, hide or rearrange list columns to customize export.
Added:Search Page: Spacebar switch the selected service on box.
Added:Search Page: Pencil button, finds selected item on "Edit Page".
12/12/2011 - ver 2.36
Fixed:Neutrino plus (api3) settings FEC errors
Added:Undo history support for some actions (Experimental), set undo level at setup/preferences. Caution, requires enough available memory. Use Ctrl+Z to undo last action.
Added:Enigma 1/2 define additional namespace exceptions at invalidNIDTID.txt text file
Added:Setup profile for Azbox (mini)ME AZTrino
14/10/2011 - ver 2.35
Fixed:namespace calculation to avoid transponder merging on specific frequencies
Fixed:Reading settings have special characters
10/02/2011 - ver 2.34
Fixed:Internet settings (DVB-S2 / 8PSK)
08/02/2011 - ver 2.33
Fixed:Internet settings
Added:Clear empty lists (lists with no services or lists contain only markers)
28/10/2010 - ver 2.32
Fixed:import/compare at west services
Fixed:Neutrino Plus (api-3) (Coolstream, etc), Reload settings
Fixed:copy/paste HD services
Added:Change name/provider of multiple selected services
Added:Pre-Telnet and post-Telnet commands, now you can restart enigma2 settings with sequence "init 4; sleep 5", "write files", "init 3".
Added:Setup firmware profiles added "Enigma2 ver 4 (HTTP reload)" and "Enigma2 ver 4 (Telnet reload)"
11/09/2010 - ver 2.31
Update:Internet settings, KOS list update
Fixed:Internet settings, fix HotBird parsing
Fixed:Internet settings, Satcodx removed
Added:Dutch translation
Added:Connection setup, a new option added 'Always use telnet command' at 'Telnet Usage', with this oprion settings reload is done by killing enigma. Try to use this option when new settings fail to appear.
Added:PICONS view at status bar, set picons folder at prefernces dialog.
Added:At 'Organize Lists', option 'HD' added to 'Seach all' dialog, only HD services are listed
Fixed:Fix, new web site http://www.dreamset-editor.com
31/05/2010 - ver 2.30
Added:At 'Organize Settings' page, you can switch 'User Services' and 'Bouquet Services' lists to detail view (Right click on list and select 'List View' option).
Detail view shows the same columns like 'All Services' list.
Added:At 'Edit settings' page added: tooltips on transpoders and services, 'Find' fumctionality.
Added:'Statistics' Page, a new column added with the number of services has been placed in user lists.
Fixed:Fixed, translations (menus, dialogs etc)
09/03/2010 - ver 2.29
Fixed:At Setup Dialog when Firmware changed, Software remains the same
Added:At Edit Settings panel, the services are included in lists are colored.
Added:A new translation method added in order to extend the old one.
If you like to translate dreamset please check the file called mmedt_GR.lng. Read the instructions and modify the file that exists in your language.
07/02/2010 - ver 2.28
Added:Saving Enigma1 settings, all empty provider changing to unknown. This required in order to avoid crash to some Enigma1 images.
Added:Write Enigma1 settings, the reload timeout extended to 30 minutes.
Fixed:Fix, Locked lists crashed Dreamset.
30/12/2009 - ver 2.27
Added:When saving from E2 two E1, all HD services are removed.
Fixed:Fix, minor parsing error in E1 & E2 settings
Fixed:Fix, set attributes to multiple services from list (popup menu)
Added:Two new options added for the setup of a connetction (Telnet usage/command). The porpose of these options are to cover the case where reload settings fail using HTTP request. You can setup whether or not you want to reload settings using a telnet command. If you do not enter a telnet command Dreamset uses for E1 "reboot" and for E2 "killall -9 enigma2"
18/09/2009 - ver 2.26
Added:Support for Coolstream HD1 box
Added:Neutrino Plus (api-3): Read/Write settings for Coolstream HD1 box
Added:Neutrino Plus (api-3): Space bar zap to channel
Added:Neutrino Plus (api-3): Tv screen messages when read/write settings
Added:Neutrino Plus (api-3): Automatic reload services and bouquets after write settings
Fixed:Neutrino Plus (api-3): Fix reading/writing service type from settings
Fixed:Neutrino Plus (api-3): Fix showing wrong fec in lists
Update:Enigma2: Reload settings through http request (old method was kill enigma)
Added:Enigma2: Tv screen messages when read/write settings
Added:Enigma2: Space bar zap to channel
Update:Better support for old dBox2 Neutrino format
Added:Create settings from Internet, skip C-Band filter
Added:Create settings from Internet, all user options are stored
Fixed:Fix invalid fec convertion when converting settings
Fixed:Fix Import Settings dialog, service selection bug
06/07/2009 - ver 2.25
Fixed:Crash when parsing internet settings.
Update:Update satellite list (kingofsat.xml).
27/04/2009 - ver 2.24
Added:More attributes in Enigma2 service properties (Video Type, Audio channel, AC3 Delay, PCM Delay and Subtitle)
Fixed:11258 and 11470 transponder collision on Hotbird solved
Fixed:Compare dialog, when services check at 'Rename services' list did not work properly
Fixed:When importing from KingOfSat pilot attribute was not set to Auto on DVB-S2 services
04/04/2009 - ver 2.23
Added:Import/Compare dialog, in slave settings menu, an option added in order to download settings from Internet like KingOfSat.
Added:New button has an option to open a new dreamset window.
Added:KingOfSat settings, 8PSK modulation is added to HD transpoders properties when required.
Added:Internet settings dialog, a button added to reset sat positions and checked satellites.
Added:Lists popup menu has an option to 'Renumber Lists Channels' to set the numbers of list services.
Fixed:Search services function at "Organize Lists" page.
Fixed:Some HD TV services listed as Data services.
24/02/2009 - ver 2.22
Fixed:Wrong namespace calculation for west satellites (Enigma 1)
08/02/2009 - ver 2.21
Added:Delete satellite button shows a dialog where multiple satellites can be selected (right click at list to get invert and select all options)
Added:Transfer dialog has an option to skip reload settings command when write settings.
Added:When delete a favorite list and save settings, the file corresponds to the list is also deleted from file system.
Added:Change favorite list(s) attributes (lock, TV/Radio) from popup menu (right click and choose Set attributes)
Added:Settings authors can include their notes in settings (toolbar Notes button) (Enigma 1/2)
Added:Import/Compare dialog, you can compare with settings in box
Fixed:Import/Compare dialog, compare algorithm.
Fixed:Wrong namespace calculation for west satellites (cause picons not shown and duplicate transponders when scan)
23/09/2008 - ver 2.20
Fixed:lamedb write error when transponder modulation is M8PSK (settings enigma 2 ver 4)
21/09/2008 - ver 2.19
Added:Extra transponder attributes in satellite.xml (only for enigma 2)
17/09/2008 - ver 2.18
Added:Write support for Enigma2 settings version 4.
Added:Check configuration reports the box settings version (only for enigma 2)
29/08/2008 - ver 2.17
Fixed:KingOfSat, parsing list names
Added:KingOfSat, download dialog allows to change the satellite order which the services will be appeard in the lists
Added:KingofSat, the order and the selected for download satellites are stored to registry
Added:KingofSat, multilple markers Satelite/Provider in generated lists
Added:Service sort dialog allows markers in all sorting levels.
Added:Read Enigma2 ver 4 settings, write support will be added later when new format will be the final
01/06/2008 - ver 2.16
Fixed:DVB-S2 transponder fix
Fixed:DVB-S2 Services marked as data instead of tv
Fixed:DVB-S2 KingOfSat parsing
Added:DVB-S2 Services have a different icon
Added:DVB-S2 Transponders have blue color
28/01/2008 - ver 2.15
Added:Double click opens item properties
Added:Satcodx, internet settings
Added:Support for short satellite names [Triple Dragon]
Added:Button to reset Min/Max values at Signal Meter Dialog
Fixed:Edit service properties cause selected item to loose focus
Fixed:Search services filter
Fixed:KingOfSat, parsing fixes
Fixed:Fix terrestrial tuner support [7025]
Fixed:Other minor bugs
10/06/2007 - ver 2.14 beta
Added:Dreamset can read (not write) DGStation/Relook settings.
You can convert to other supported formats.
Added:Alternative services support.
You cannot modify alternative lists. [DM7025/Enigma 2]
Fixed:KingOfSat radio services parsing.
Fixed:Inversion always set to No (0). [DM7000/Enigma 1]
Fixed:Dreamset Signal dialog reported bugs.
Fixed:Other minor bugs.
23/01/2007 - ver 2.13
Fixed:Reading bouquets fail [DM7025]
14/01/2007 - ver 2.12
Fixed:Creating settings from KingOfSat pages
02/01/2007 - ver 2.11
Fixed:Loading Services Neutrino.
Fixed:Drag&Drop a service to a list.
Fixed:Limit up to 120-E/W for satellite positions.
Fixed:The new added transpoder did not showed to the list.
Fixed:Dreamset recognize Subservices as Markers.
28/11/2006 - ver 2.10
Fixed:Markers (DM 7025)
Fixed:Check configuration (DM 7025)
Added:Parental Control - blacklist (DM 7025)
Added:Properties Dialog is resizable
Added:Satellite filter in Import/Compare dialog
Update: Minor visual changes
Fixed:Other minor bugs
15/09/2006 - ver 2.00 - Final
Fixed:For new 7025 firmware, restarting enigma (killall command) cause empty list of services (lamedb).
Fixed:Services flagged as New did not showed correctly.
Fixed:Other minor bugs.
Added:New import/compare dialog.
Added:Create settings from KingOfSat pages, press 'New Settings' button.
Update:Display service names in full unicode (Multilingual) form, this applied to list view controls only, not in tooltips or status bar.
Added: 'Edit Settings' page, added popup menus (right click) for services and transponders. Available options are:
  • For Services:
    Add Service,Duplicate Service,Delete Service,
    View Channel On TV,Remove Service from All User Lists,
    Remove Service from All Bouquets,Copy,Paste,Select All,
    Set Service(s) Attribute,Service Properties,Set Service(s) Provider
  • For transponder:
    Add Transponder,Delete Transponder,Transponder Properties
  • Added:'Edit Setting' page, Key Ctrl+1 sets service provider as 'Net n' where n is the network id, Key Ctrl+2 sets service name with values of Freq, Pol, Symbol rate and fec.
    Added:Enigma2 (7025) Support for DVBS2,Cable and Terrestrial.
    Added:Copy/Paste one or more lists/services from one settings to another. Powerful copy/paste operations, when pasting Dreamset will add services which are missing. You can combine services/lists from various settings available in net like vhannibal, likra etc in order to make your own settings.
    When paste at services panels, dreamset will paste all services are available in clipboard.
    When paste at lists panels, if clipboard contains lists then these lists will added, if clipboard contains only services then a list will added named 'clipboard' with available clipboard services.
    Added:'Select All' option in popup menus to select all lists or services.
    Added:The popup menu for services now contains in 'Set Service(s)Attribute' sub menu all the available flags which supported for service according to setting format. Also the option 'Clear Pids' is available.
    Added:New properties dialog for Services/Transponders/Satellites/Lists.
    Added:You can enable/disable tv screen message when DreamSet reads/writes settings
    Added:Dreambox IP may contain up to 128 characters in order to let users write address other than numeric IPs like dyndns hosts.
    Update: Internal Dreamset structures for better conversion between supported formats.
    Added: Neutrino Plus images:
  • Added -Diseqc port configuration for satellites Dreamset applies your configuration automatically when you transfer/write your setings to box.
  • Added - Tv screen messages when DreamSet reads/writes settings
  • Added - Pids
  • Fix - Convertion from other formats
  • Note: SAVE: Changed the logic which DreamSet saves settings to disk, when press 'Save' Dreamset saves settings in their loaded format and not in the active confguration format as was in prior versions. If you want to save settings in a different format choose 'Save As' and select output type from 'File type' in Save dialog.
    TRANSFER: When you transfer settings, Dreamset auto converts loaded settings to active's configuration format, that means if your active configuration is 'Neutrino' and you have load Enigma settings Dreamset will convert them temporary to 'Neutrino' format before transfer them to box.
    25/02/2006 - ver 1.64
    Added:Support for DM7025.
    Added:You can define your favourite program for Ftp,telnet and Http (use setup dialog).
    Added:At commands menu added optrion to start VLC. VLC will play the active service. Parameters for vlc are taken from WebIf interface. Also you can define VLC.exe program location at Setup. This option is only available for Enigma 1 images.
    29/01/2006 - ver 1.63
    Update:Increase size of internal structures to hold more elements.
    Added:Configuration Name at status bar.
    Fixed:Delay when sorting.services.
    Fixed:Incorrect sorting by sat position
    Fixed:Temporary files did not removed after executing Telenet/Http commands.
    06/01/2006 - ver 1.62
    Fixed:Multiple Box configuration
    30/12/2005 - ver 1.61 final
    Added:Multiple Box configuration. Now you can define more than one boxes and switch between them with one click.
    Added:At Setup->Preferences, option to start Dreamset minimized to tray with windows startup.
    Fixed:Triple Dragon, trasponder properies, nid and tid attributes was incorrect.
    Fixed:Neutrino, you can set DiseqC port for satellite at 'Edit Settings' -> 'Satellite Properties'
    Update:dreamset.dnl with more Satcodx positions (thanks EnoSat)
    Update:mmedit.db, updated info for bouquets and services from LyngSat web pages.
    10/11/2005 - ver 1.61.rc4
    Added:Ability to Send mmedit to tray
    Added:Port specification for ftp, telnet
    14/05/2005 - ver 1.60
    Added:TripleDragon Settings support: Read/Write/Save/Open/Edit.
    Go to setup and select as firmware 'TripleDragon'.
    Added:Enigma images: Option in setup dialog to auto creates bouquets from providers like enigma software does.
    Added:Enigma images: Parental Lock at Bouquets.
    27/02/2005 - ver 1.59 (final)
    Fixed:Neutrino NPlus format ( output Non Latin Ansi characters)
    Added:DreamSet plugin compiled against new 109 images.
    User having 109 images, remove old dreamset files from plugins directory.
    Added:Action 'Remove Channels from User/Bouquets List' can be aplied to more than one service.
    Fixed:Other minor bugs.
    10/02/2005 - ver 1.59rc1 (beta version)
    Added:Supports new Neutrino NPlus format. Before upload new settings go to setup dialog and select 'Neutrino NPlus' as firmware.
    I have done a couple of tests, if you cannot reload your settings, send your settings to my email to check them out.
    Always after settings transfer, go to Neutrino Menu, choose 'Service' and then select 'Reload Channel List'.
    06/02/2005 - ver 1.58
    Added:Data services in 'TV All' list, moved to separate list called 'Data all'.
    Added:View/Import (not edit) Triple Dragon settings.
    Dreamset auto loads favourites.txt if exists, otherwise prompts user for favourite lists file.
    Update:Dreamset Plugin protocol (plugin does not work with new beta ver 109).
    10/11/2004 - ver 1.57:
    Fixed:DiseqC Commands, remember latitude,longtitude and last goto xx.x entry.
    Fixed:Blind Search, Scan Method.
    Fixed:Blind Search, 'Save Results' button now prompts user where to save the output.
    Added:Blind Search, Reset button to return to predefined SR values.
    Fixed:Writting Bouqeuts.
    Fixed:Old Neutrino v1 (used by dbox users only), fec (5/6,7/8) problems at services.xml.
    31/10/2004 - ver 1.56:
    Fixed:Limit 256 transponders per network/provider.
    Added:Updated Signal Meter dialog.
    a. Full motor diseqc commands support.
    You can move your dish, alter internal satellite table, use goto xx.x function
    b. Tune to frequency
    Pass freq, SR, FEC, POL press tune and check the signal for lock.
    c. Blind search (expiremental)
    Just tried out !
    Results are saved in dat format (text base format) and holds scramble flag. When open this file by using Dreamset you will prompted to specify the orbital position and direction for the satellite you scaned, place these value and press retry to the dialog.
    d. Setup for lnb and timing parameters.
    e. Support Neutrino images
    f. Description of Dreamset plugin files included in zip file
    dreamset.cfg plugin configuration file same for neutrino and enigma
    dreamset.1 Used for neutrino images as dreamset.so
    dreamset.2 Used for neutrino images as dreamset. dreamset is
    an executable file (server) which is executed by neutrino dreamset.so
    dreamset.3 Used for enigma images as dreamset.so (server + libfx lib)
    Note 1
    Dreamset plugin "talks" directly to dreambox drivers DOES NOT call enigma routines, so it is completely firmware independent, does not know your dish/lnb configuration. Go to Signal Meter dialog at Setup page and choose DiseqC port if you have 2/4 Diseqc switch.
    Note 2 (enigma only)
    Enigma images tend to retune to last service after a lost of signal. Before using blind search go to Dreambox Menu Automatic Transponder Scan and then start Signal Meter Dialog and do your blind search.
    29/08/2004 - ver 1.55:
    Added:A quick update to support the new Neutrino Settings format.
    Go to setup and select Neutrino_v2 as firmware. Please note that non latin characters does not suported by new settings, all non latin characters are converted to underscore (_) character. Convertion from old to new format is made automatically, just load and write.
    01/08/2004 - ver 1.54:
    Fixed:Export lists with markers.
    Fixed:Split lists to markers.
    Update:Read DVB settings
    Update:--- DreamSet Plugin ----- Sends signal information to DreamSet program.
    Plugin does not apears to plugins list, because there is no reason to started manualy, it automatically started from DreamSet editor. To exit plugin press LAME button. Also plugin auto closes when signal meter dialog in DreamSet editor is closing. Please note, you dont have to install the plugin manually using an ftp program, DreamSet windows program will check for installation/version and will ask you if you want to install/update plugin.
    Tested on Official firmware 108.
    Plugin uses port 6546.
    Report bugs to [email protected]
    07/07/2004 - ver 1.53:
    Fixed:Markers block services to be displayed.
    Added:DiseqC port in Satellite Properties for Neutrino Settings.
    23/06/2004 - ver 1.52:
    Added:Http Authentication for enigma images
    Added:Http port in Setup Dialog
    Added:Create lists from networks/providers
    16/06/2004 - ver 1.51:
    Fixed:Write Neutrino Settings.
    Fixed some bugs for special characters in xml format, now you can transfer enigma settings directly. Please note that Neutrino Settings convertion may still have some bugs, in case your settings cannot be transfered to neutrino format, mail the settings to me to improve Dreamset routines.
    11/06/2004 - ver 1.50:
    Added:Neutrino Setting support. Go to setup dialog and select Neutrino firmware. Transfer and Save (As) output settings in Neutrino format. After write, you have to execute reload settings in neutrino services menou, Note that features like Markers and signal meter does not supported in Neutrino.
    Added:Dreambox Registry Editor (for advanced users only).
    Supports full editing (insert/edit/delete nodes, keys values) and Import/Export operations.
    For bugs,suggestions mail at [email protected].
    03/05/2004 - ver 1.49:
    Added:Split list to markers.
    Added:Arrange Lists (Place tv lists first, and radio at the end)
    Added:SortLists by Name/Type (Groups lists by type(tv,radio) and short each group by list name)
    Update:When pressing Signal Meter, program check and auto installs dreamset plugin if need it.
    Update:Read/Write settings procedure (Multithreaded to avoid program freezing).
    03/04/2004 - ver 1.48:
    Added:Reading Neutrino(dbox2) settings.
    You can open neutrino setting and write them in your box like dreambox settings.
    Added:Two more option in services popup menu,
    a)Remove service from all user lists and
    b)Remove service from all bouquet lists
    Added:Firmware 107.4 in Setup Dialog ( satellites.xml at /var/etc )
    Fixed:Drop services in lists/bouquets windows when no list(s) exists
    03/03/2004 - ver 1.47:
    Added:Tooltips over list/bouquet and service items.
    (you can disable this feature from setup dialog)
    Fixed:Reading satellites.xml
    Added:Signal Meter dialog (EXPERIMENTAL tested on 107.3 firmware)
    Just install* Dreamset plugin to your box and press signal meter button in DreamSet windows program.
    *Copy from dreamset zip file the dreamset.so & dreamset.cfg to /var/config/tuxbox/plugins
    10/02/2004 - ver 1.46a:
    Fixed:Edit satellites properties.
    Fixed:System Lists control did not show contents after cancel pressed in Search All dialog.
    09/02/2004 - ver 1.46:
    Added:Extended Markers support (user list services popup menu):
    Insert marker, Auto markers through sort services dialog, Remove all markers from a list, Remove all markers from settings
    Added:Sort dialog supports also sorting by Provider/Network name
    Update:A bit more quick settings loading time.
    Update:Write settings routine.
    25/01/2004 - ver 1.45:
    Added:-Send the following commands to DreamBox from Dreamset:
    Shutdown, reboot, restart, standby, wakeup
    -Start Ftp,Http using Internet Explorer and telnet session using windows telenet program. (all the above in the 8th toolbar button )
    Added:Channel properties now contains a flag to mark the channel as free or scramble (internal use).
    Added:Organize lists, new option in lists popup menu Create a list with new channels (from last import or last service scan you made in your dreambox, before use that service just read and write back your setting. This is need it to be done only once on first usage of Dreamset ver 1.45).
    16/01/2004 - ver 1.44:
    Fixed:Pressing F3 of Ctrl+F to search make program to crash.
    Update:MMEdit.db (database with 2901 services (Encryption+Pids+Provider)
    06/01/2004 - ver 1.43:
    Added:In Search All Dialog, search based on services attributes, for example you can get a list of all parental locked services.
    Added:Service popup menu, has option to set/unset attributes like Fixed Name, Parental Lock, Hide Service.
    Added:Setup dialog, contains firmware selection to auto setup folder location.
    Firmware definition files have an extension .frm and are ini files, so you can create your own file (using a text editor) depend on the firmaware you have.
    Also 'Check connection' button added.
    Fixed:Sorting channels in all selected lists, and not only in active one.
    16/12/2003 - ver 1.42:
    Added:Color notation in empty lists.
    Added:Search All function (lists only matched services)
    Added:View services filter (Tv, Radio, Data)
    Added:Setup Dialog: Folder location of satellites.xml and services.
    Fixed:Export Lists
    Fixed:Import Lists
    Fixed:Delete services
    Update:Help file.
    08/12/2003 - ver 1.41:
    Added:Remeber application window position and at Organize Lists page the size of list controls.
    Added:Organize Lists page: Find/Find Next functions.
    Fixed:Internal errors.
    Update:MMEdit.db (Packages Database)
    04/12/2003 - ver 1.40:
    Added:First Release of a Complete new User Interface to Organize Lists and Bouquets.
    Added:Sorting List Channles by Satellite position (usefull for motorized system)
    26/10/2003 - ver 1.30:
    Fixed:Switch to channel by double click a service.
    Update:Improve speed of Export Lists operation.
    Added:Displaying Unicode Characters.
    Added:Update satellite transpoder list from loaded settings.
    Added:Setup Dialog: Update satellites transpoder list methods (add non existing or mirroring).
    Added:Setup Dialog: Auto update satellites transpoder list (satellite.xml) at save or write.
    Added:Setup Dialog: Auto load last used files at start up.
    08/10/2003 - ver 1.21:
    Fixed:Reload Settings and Reload Bouquets commands.
    Added:TV Screen message about transfer progress.
    21/09/2003 - ver 1.20:
    Added:Parental Lock flag in Channel Properties
    Added:Passive Ftp Transfers
    Fixed:User Interface and other minor bugs.
    30/08/2003 - ver 1.01:
    Fixed:Major Bug Fixes.
    29/08/2003 - ver 1.00p2:
    Update:Second Prelease.
    24/08/2003 - ver 1.00p:
    Update:First Prelease.